What is it all about?

“The Social Entrepreneurship programme is a progressive educational initiative of Tallinn University with the aim to promote entrepreneurship and the innovation of the social and health sector, environmental protection, urban development, rural development and community development. Our program provides you with a flexible opportunity to develop your own ideas using the innovative and business friendly infrastructure of Estonia and being supported by experts of Tallinn University.

Why study with us?

  • Estonia’s advanced eGovernance system and the strong spirit of entrepreneurship creates an innovative and inspiring environment for creative development.
  • It is the only curriculum for Social Entrepreneurship in the region that gives not only an academic degree but also a supportive environment for development.
  • The program follows the project based learning method. Experienced staff members of Tallinn University will guide students through their learning process in a very practice oriented way using the academic and creative infrastructure of Tallinn University for both academic learning and development.
  • Has a mandatory internship to provide students with practical experience and networking before graduation.
  • Interdisciplinary approach, including interdisciplinary project courses, which will broaden perspectives.
  • International student body and study environment with students from all over the world. Our program encourages to develop ideas on international level while Estonia’s e-residency system provides participants with the opportunity to use the advanced digital environment of Estonia even after students turned back to their home country.
  • Broad career prospects – social entrepreneurs are welcome both in public sector bringing sustainable solutions to social and health services and also in private sector helping businesses to have larger social impact.

Meet the people behind SEMA

Zsolt Bugarszki

Head of the Social Entrepreneurship MA program
Zsolt Bugarszki, PhD (Hungary) is a lecturer of social policy at Tallinn University. His main interest is the situation of vulnerable people in the community and innovation of the service sector through ICT based technology.

Katri-Liis Reimann

Project Manager
Katri-Liis Reimann (Estonia) is an Associate Professor of public management at Tallinn University, Estonia. She is a management consultant and a social entrepreneur.

Jaan Aps

Jaan Aps, (Estonia) is a chairman and co-founder of the Estonian Social Enterprise Network that is among the strongest social enterprise support organisations in Northern Europe.

Mari-Liis Jakobson

Professor of Political Sociology
Mari-Liis Jakobson (Estonia) is Associate Professor of Political Sociology and researcher at the European Migration Network's Estonian national contact point. She is also an expert on civil society active in both academic research as well as in practice.

Marek Mühlberg

Marek Mühlberg (Estonia) is the Head of New Ventures at KPMG Baltics. He has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management and he is a lecturer of business model design at Tallinn University. Marek has worked with hundreds of early-stage startups and co-founded several startup ecosystem events and formats in Estonia (STARTER, Startup Speed Dating Night, Creative Hack).

Audrone Urmanaviciene

Audrone Urmanaviciene is a PhD candidate at Mykolas Romeris university joint doctorate board (VDU, KU, ŠU and MRU) for Management Science. Her research interests: integration, social enterprises, social impact assessment. She is a member of EMES – an international research network for social enterprises.